Democrats were very quick to point fingers after numerous ALLEGATIONS against Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore broke out.

The media has jumped on this golden opportunity yo deal a tough blow to the Republicans.

It is the top story on almost every MSM news network now.

Moore was accused of harassing a 14-year old 39 years ago when he was aged 32. The Alabama GOP Senate candidate was also accused of trying to touch three other women aged between 16 and 18 around about the same time period.

So liberal media outlets, as they always do, blew the thing completely out of proportion. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? However, another story has leaked, and it involved a Democrat. The story is about David Alcon who is a Democrat running for Congress form the second district in New Mexico. His name was in the headlines because a warrant was issued for him for supposedly stalking a woman.

The women reported to the police that she was scared for her own life as she attended a Haloween party at a hotel in Santa Fe on October the 28th. According to her she started receiving constant text messages from Alcon.

He allegedly sent her a picture of him completely naked where his genitals are visible. Alcon was also watching her from the dark and in some messages you can see that he is confessing his love for her.

On the night that the Halloween party happened, Alcon also texted her that he was outside her apartment waiting for her to come over. Santa Fe police of course quickly issued a warrant for his arrest two days after the incident. Alcon however did not turn himself in.

He finally got what he deserved when Albuquerque Police arrested him at the Villa De San Felipe Apartments when they were called there for a welfare check on Friday, November 10. No one knew what Alcon was doing there. Police are still silent about the case, but Albuquerque police will throw additional charges at Alcon.

Democrats are still nowhere to be found on this story. But that’s not all. Alcon was also previously convicted of aggravated stalking a woman in 2007. Not long ago, Alcon was convicted of domestic violence, battery, assault, and violation of a restraining order.

And this story is finally getting some daylight after all these years.

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Posted by TLR News on Monday, 6 November 2017

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