The Russian President, Putin, is ejecting 755 United States Diplomats from Russia. This announcement came on Sunday the 30th of July.

It came just before President Trump signed a new bill. The mainstream media of course has put a stupid and irresponsible spin on the bill. They claim that it is a way to FORCE Trump to enforce sanctions against Russia. I don’t think anyone has ever managed to ‘force’ Trump to do anything. Pathetic.

The good thing is they have it all wrong. The bill which was signed reinforces existing Executive Orders which in turn give President Trump more authority. He can enforce more sanctions than he previously could. Of course the MSM also forgot to mention that the bill also deals with Iran and North Korea.

The bill which was sent by Congress on Friday could be signed as early as Monday morning. The only thing is the MSM missed on important point in the bill:

“any person that the President determines … knowingly engages in significant activities undermining cybersecurity against any person, including a democratic institution, or government on behalf of the Government of the Russian Federation”

This will give President Trump huge powers over the business and media world globally. For example if a branch of MSM reports something incorrectly and could cause damage to America. For example if they made up lies about the Russia-Trump fake news. The President could freeze all their assets and cash. Finally, some level of accountability.

The moral of the story here is that the global media will have to be a lot more careful on what they report. The 1st Amendment protects them inside the United States, but it does not apply outside of the US. So if a Russian branch of CNN reports something incorrectly they could have their assets and cash frozen. Finally, the MSM will have to stop lying to us.

On top of this Congress has called Jeff Sessions to appoint another Special Counsel to investigate Clinton, Obama, Rice, Comey, and Lynch.

Nation One News contacted Dan Sessions a well known and prolific online Trump supporter. After they explained the new bill he said:

“Very interesting, what happens if and when that Special Counsel determines that Russia was working with the Democrats?”

Obviously we will only be able to tell in the future, but it seems like Trump will have a lot more power to be able to protect the American people from the lies of the MSM. Of course the MSM has reported this all wrong and so we NEED to get the word out there. Please SHARE this everywhere so everyone can see the TRUTH.

Thanks for reading.

Source: Nation One News

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