Finally someone is doing something about the corrupt Clintons. The Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is taking a stand. Fox News reported that he has set his targets on a good friend of the Clintons, Sidney Blumenthal.

Blumenthal was an advisor to the Clintons and an “off-the-books” source of intelligence while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. He also worked for a political party in the country of Georgia at exactly the same time. He had clear foreign ties, but he DID NOT register as a foreign agent.

Blumenthal was also an advisor to Bill Clinton during his administration, but was unable to work for the Hillary Clinton State Department. Ignoring this he would send Hillary Clinton memos frequently with intelligence. The most interesting memos that he sent talk about Libya around about the time of the Benghazi attack that left four Americans dead in 2012.

Grassley voiced his concerns about the Clinton’s close relationship with Blumenthal saying:

“In an April 2015 letter to then Attorney General Holder, I wrote about Sidney Blumenthal’s efforts to influence U.S. policy by leveraging his close relationship with Secretary Clinton. Mr. Blumenthal repeatedly sent Secretary Clinton intelligence memos and at one point Secretary Clinton told him to ‘keep them coming.’ News articles reported that Mr. Blumenthal transmitted documentation to Secretary Clinton on behalf of the Georgian Dream, a political party in the country of Georgia.”

It is clearly written in the US official rules that while acting “as an agent, representative, employee or servant” to ANY foreign entitity you must register as a foreign agent. Yet why did Blumenthal not do this?

Grassley put it to the Justice Department to explain why he was not required or even asked to register saying:

“might help others to understand whether they are supposed to register or not […] particularly when the Trump administration has required Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn to retroactively register under the law”

This raises some serious questions about double standards in Washington and America. The Trump administration also required Paul Manafort, the Podesta Group and Mercury LLC to register as foreign agents for the actions they took on behalf of the Ukrainian Government.

Hmmm. This whole situation does not add up. I can imagine the media story all across the MSM that would happen if it turned out Trump had an advisor who was not registered, but passing on information as part of a foreign political party. The left leaning media would EXPLODE.

Something does not add up here. It seems like Hillary is getting away with it now. That is why WE need to stop her. Share this everywhere to EXPOSE this shady business!!




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