Fox News host, Jesse Watters, just absolutely destroyed a liberal snowflake, his co-host Juan Williams on their most recent live show. Watch the full video at the bottom.

Watters lost it after his co-host, and journalist, dared to call the Trump family “patriotic”.

The rant began by him saying “I’m very sick of the Democrats calling the Trump family ‘unpatriotic!’”, he continued on to say that the left are “now the McCarthyites”.

He was only just getting started however, he then gave the liberal a lesson in the Democratic parties past and how it copies up to terrorists, corrupt regimes and all manner of damaging things for Americans.

Watters to Williams: “Let’s remember what party defeated the Soviet Union, while the Democratic Party was trying to appease and mimic Communism. Party.

Democrats have been cozying up to dictators and our enemies for years. Giving the Iranians billions of dollars, giving North Koreans billions of dollars. Shaking Hugo Chavez’s hand, shaking the Castro’s hands.

The Clinton’s were taking money from Chinese nationals in 1996 reelection campaign and then selling satellite technology to the Chinese that enabled their missile program to blow up. The media colluded with the Democrats, letting Hillary cheat during the debates.

President Obama, palling around with domestic terrorists, sitting in the same church as an American-hating preacher. The Democrats undermining the military.”

The co-host then attempted to interrupt, but Watters was not having any of it… He continued, saying:

“Giving birth to ISIS. Lying about a terrorist attack. It was at that point, that Juan Williams was practically begging for mercy! “Stop, stop! How much more can we take.”

Watters then ended his passionate rant by saying:

 “Donald Trump’s family has done more for this country than any Democrat elected official. He’s provided more jobs in the real estate industry, in the fast-food industry, in the fashion industry, in the hotel and casino industry. He’s created more wealth than anybody in this entire…

So to smear them as the ‘mafia’ or ‘unpatriotic’ is shameful.  And I think everyone needs to wake up and realize, that this family’s a patriotic family and what’s happening now is a coup against the will of the American people!”

Do you think what he said was correct and that the Trump family is patriotic, if you do SHARE this around so that the left can see that we are proud of our President. 

Source: 100 Percent Fed Up

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