If you just follow the mainstream media then I doubt you will have heard about the 25 all-time-highs that the Trump administration has hit. Of course that is understandable as all the MSM does is attack Trump.

When they are not simply lying and using made up stories, they are ignoring his achievements. But fear not, the President is still doing his job. And he is doing it VERY WELL!

The only thing in the media that is on Trumps side is the facts. Wall street is the best example of this. They do not care about the made up collusion stories involving Russia. They are ignoring those and powering on and making American great again.

According to Western Journalism, since being elected the Dow Jones has hit its 25th record high. The Dow Jones has closed high a record 42 times since Trump has been in power. It has also increased an overall 3,300 points! Trump himself acknowledged the win:

On Friday the Dow Jones closed a record 85 points higher than it opened and closed at an amazing  21,637.74 points. The day after this amazing event the President hit back at the media for not report on his successes and the amazing economy.

The S&P set an amazing 33 new records since Trump was elected compared to only 25 new records in 2015. The Dow Jones is not the only measure that is setting new records.

Nasdaq boomed an amazing 17 percent this year, this is including June being a little rocky.

The S&P set records 33 times since President Trump was elected and 25 times in 2015. So, the Dow is not the only economy measure that has been setting records.

“The D.C. drama is definitely stealing the headlines, but the reality is inflation is low, earnings around the globe are improving, and the Fed is still very accommodating,” Senior Market Strategist at LPL Financial, Ryan Detrick said.

Citigroup, Wells Fargo, and JPMorgan Chase all had better than expected profits, reported this past week.

“They all beat on the bottom line. There was a bit of disappointment on the guidance, but overall it’s been a good start to the earnings season,” CEO of The Earnings Scout, Nick Raich said, he also said that the growth had blown away all expectations.

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Source: Conservative Forever

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