When I go through the city of London after coming back from a relaxing trip to Italy, the first thing I notice in people is the fast walking rhythm, the stressed faces and the lack of smiles. To be productive no longer seems to be a choice, but rather a necessary requirement for their existence.

The people, unfortunately, do not focus on what they have to do in the present but worry what they will have to do in the future. This mind torture significantly limits their productivity and affects their way of life. Instead of trying to accomplish one task and feel satisfied with it, it is the need to multitask and be consistently available that destroys their mood. This incapability of distinguishing between moments where you have to be productive and where you should enjoy the fruits of your labor creates a whole society with the only aim of always striving for better living standards in the future. The homo sapiens, as we know him, no longer exists anymore and has been replaced by the “homo laborens” – the permanent worker.

The illusion of working for an idealistic version of one owns future, makes the “homo laborens” incapable of creating the best possible present. Since we live in the present, it is not only healthier to make the best out of it, but it is also our duty to our wonderful parents who gave us the gift of living. When living no longer is the central part of our life, but working, do we not contradict our nature?

Luckily, we can escape this dilemma. By focusing on one particular task at the time and not worrying what we have to do in the future, our productivity is maximized. Stress created by the fear of the future limits our capability to think rationally and thus, our productivity. Creating a healthy life balance between productivity – doesn’t need to be more than 3 hours a day – and enjoying the rest of the day, because we were productive and earned watching a movie or drinking a few beers with friends and family is the motto.  Not only will our social life flourish, but we will also be more productive.

In this way, the “homo laborens” may escape his own trap and become human again!

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