It’s no secret in the comedy industry that Amy Schumer’s jokes have been falling flat recently, but her demise seems to be accelerating after her Netflix show,“Amy Schumer: The Leather Special” received widespread criticism.

At the begining of her skit, Schumer explained why she decided to wear a tight, leather ensemble “Every comic has one moment where they wear leather and they regret it. This is my moment!”

She was most certainly right. There is no doubt in my mind that she will regret making this show. So far on Netflix it has received universal one star reviews. We couldn’t include every review, but here is the general gist of what the viewers had to say:

‘This is as Funny as an Autopsy’

This is as funny as an autopsy. . . as graphic and as funny as I would imagine a public beheading to be.

Rating: 1 star

‘Amy is 1 Special Away From Being Broke and Homeless’

Absolutely horrible. Amy is 1 special away from being broke and homeless. Female comics are the best! Amy is not. . . . . .

Rating: 1 star

‘Now I have to Look at Amy Schumer in Full Leather Every Time I Log In’

Not only was this terrible. . . now I have to look at Amy Schumer in full leather every time I log in. Please take this off the banner. This special was an insult to stand up. Amy use to be pretty funny but i couldn’t make it past 10 minutes.

Rating: 1 star

‘What the Eff Happened, Amy??’

What the eff happened, Amy? Wife and I were actually upset at over how how unfunny and actually kinda sad this was, and we consider ourselves fans, I mean we saw Trainwreck at the theater and bought the blu-ray. This was painful.

Rating: 1 star

‘She Pauses to Accommodate for the Applause After the Jokes. . . But There Are No Jokes So There is No Applause’

Odd. She pauses to accommodate for the applause after the jokes….. but there are no jokes so there is no applause. She gets some pity applause, but it’s very odd to watch her on the stage. Full disclosure, I did not watch the entire thing, I just couldn’t.

Rating: 1 star

‘Her Face Makes You Want To Erupt With Pure Anger’

probably the worst piece of crap I have ever seen. Too bad that a decent D list celebrity comedian has sunk even lower than before (which is difficult when you think about how Amy Schumer is one of the most unfunny, stupid, annoying, and has a face I want to punch over and over again). Save your life and don’t watch this crap filled show, I’m saving you from blowing your own brains out by the sheer magnitude of her stupidity & pompousness. Her face makes you want to erupt with pure anger and break your own television. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!

Rating : 1 star

‘It Made Me Want to Spend the Day Outside’

Literally terrible. Do not waste your time. I attemppted to watch this sh#@ comedy special and it literally made my want to just spend the day ourside. >:|

Rating: 1 star

‘When Your Friend is Telling a Funny Story. . . But it’s Not’

when your friend is telling a funny story. . . but its not . thats how i felt watching this.

Rating: 1 star 

‘I’ve Had Migraines That Were Way Funnier’

I’ve had migraines that were way funnier than this stand-up performance. Very poor show.

Rating: 1 star

‘The Comments Are Genuinely Funnier Than it Was’

the comments are genuinely funnier than it was as a whole. I chuckled once so I guess 2/1o, would have rated this 2 stars as well out of respect but because i wasn’t given the option to give it zero stars like someone else was its get 1.

Rating: 1 star 

‘Emmy Award for Worst Comedy Special Ever’

Wow, just wow, emmy award for worst comedy special ever. Amy just isn’t funny. This little dumpling needs to get a little job somewhere like 7-11 and leave the comedy to talented people like Eliza Sleshinger.

Rating: 1 star

‘Netflix Better Find a Way to Refund the Last 56 Minutes of My Life’

She is awful. NFlix better find a way to refund the last 56 minutes of my life. Just. . . just awful.

Rating: 1 star

‘Take This Off the Site Please’

Take this off this site please. Wasted 15 minutes of my time. Get a rising comedian, female or male, with some actual talent besides being a woman who steals old jokes.

Rating: 0 stars

‘This Just Totally Missed’

I wanted to like this. I really did. But it’s just NOT FUNNY. Didn’t laugh once in the whole show. . . which is a shame. I think Schumer has a lot of potential, this just totally missed.

Rating: 1 star

‘I’m Not Sure Who is Around Her Telling Her This is Good’

Amy, please note that when other comedians do stand up in leather it is usually amazingly hilarious. I like her other stuff but I am not sure who is around her telling her this is good. If anyone she currently knows say this was good, dump these trash people for lying to you. Does being in a relationship make you unfunny? Amy get your groove back.

Rating: 1 star

Comedy Central, the network that hosts her show has yet to give a release date for the fifth season of her show and rumors have been circulating that it may be culled after viewership declined during its fourth season.

Last August, Schumer was pulling into conflict with several comedians after they complained that she systemically stole their jokes. After she started appearing in commercials for Bud Light, the company’s sales plummeted, driving the beer company to yank the ad campaign.

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