Social media has played a pivotal role in our society. There are just under two billion people around the world using social media. It has the power to change governments in the Middle East during the Arab Spring and even The British Army has revealed new plans to create a “Social Media Brigade” to fight wars in the age of information.

Social media has opened up so many doors for the population of today. We can now communicate instantly with anyone around the world who also has access to social media. We can use social media to advertise businesses to a huge market. It allows us to communicate openly and talk about issues that we may not have been aware of.

Does social media allow us to express freedom of speech?

Social media had been a platform for people to speak out against oppression and injustice. In 2011 Social media provided the spark for the victims of the dictatorships in the Middle east to speak out and stand up for their freedom. It allowed people to organize demonstrations and permit people to be given the truth and not biased news reports from government-run media outlets.

What is Freedom of Speech?

However, what is freedom of speech? Some people say you are free to say whatever you want even if it causes offense. Others say you must limit yourselves and try not to cause offense,

The problem is freedom of speech is never achievable in countries which have laws blocking some of its aspects. For example, It is against the law to be racist openly. Therefore, there are some things all of us are just not allowed to say. Is that freedom of speech? Moreover, Is it, therefore, right to imprison people on what they write. There are people who have bullied others on social networking sites that have been imprisoned for up to 2 years. Is this right? Is this really expressing freedom of speech? Should we be allowed to verbally abuse others?

It is for you to decide…

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