Rock Music Makes You Murder People…

Does the type of music we listen to affect the way we perceive the world?

In my opinion, I think this question can be both proven right and wrong. My key example to prove the question right is Heavy Metal Music. Heavy metal comes with many stereotypes. Long Black Hair, all black clothing, skinny jeans and for some odd reason they always seem to be depressed. A study from the University of Westminster found that Heavy metal Enthusiasts have very low self-esteem and a compulsive need to be an individual (whatever that means).

Furthermore, Rap music can be traced back to the poor neighborhoods or Ghettos within 1950’s America. If we take a look at the socio-economic state of these ghettos they were mainly Ethnic Minorities, Mainly Black, who were on the poorer end of the population. They could not afford instruments for the Jazz Genre which was rife during this period. Therefore they took to Rapping. We have therefore associated rap with the population on the lower end of the socio-economic classes, however, we can look at Pop music and see pop fans come in all different forms. It is not mainly linked to a socio-economic class or a specific brand of people High or low class.

Is Music a Political Movement?

If we take a look at Rap Music. Many people have the conception of Rap as being a “GHETTO” like the genre. It comes with the reputation of talking about negative externalities in society. Most Rap does meet these criteria, However, recently there has been a new form of rap. Many people take to Rap to voice their grievances at Political oppression and social problems. It has now become a way of protesting against the powerful. They outline Racism, stereotyping, Injustice etc.

The Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni Made a Rap song back in February 2011. It instantly became a Sensational Hit within the country. It was a move to get the president to associate and feel connected to the young population within the country. It seemed to work as he was re-elected to serve a fourth term. It just shows how strong the power of music is.

(Maybe the votes were just rigged but we will never really know.)

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  • The only comment this article deserves is “this is silly and incoherent”. No answering of the question and no references to the title. There is nothing to add. Rock music doesn’t make people murder people, and the article doesn’t even address that point. Case closed.